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Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program (CSRTP)

This Joanna Briggs Systematic Review Training Program is designed to prepare researchers and clinicians to develop, conduct and report comprehensive systematic reviews of evidence using the Joanna Briggs Institute SUMARI software.


Systematic review training course has been undertaken by over 1300 participants from over 35 countries and continues to be our most successful educational offering. The full, comprehensive, five-day program covers three Modules.


Module 0001 is compulsory and covers the first steps in the systematic review process "generic" to all reviews - Question development, development of the review protocol, search strategy, searching and study selection. The remaining two Modules each build on this steps and are specific to the type of evidence the review question is addressing - quantitative (Module 0002) or qualitative and/or text and opinion (Module 0003). Modules 0002 and 0003 of the program begin with in-depth investigation of critical appraisal of the retrieved evidence, data abstraction and ultimately methods of meta-synthesis (qualitative) and meta-analysis (quantitative) of the extracted data.


Throughout the program there are practical sessions designed to familiarize participants with each step of the systematic review process, including sessions to become proficient in the use of the JBI software package (JBI SUMARI) to facilitate the production of a JBI review.


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Evidence-Based Clinical Fellowship Program

Evidence-Based Clinical Fellowship Program (EBCFP) is a globally unique and comprehensive program focused on implementation of the best available scientific evidence into healthcare practice and its practical realization.


EBCFP is designed especially for clinicians and other professionals like managers, policy makers and quality managers in all areas in healthcare.


EBCFP aims to enable participants to explore strategies to promote evidence utilization and to collaboratively develop understandings related to clinical leadership and change management in healthcare.


The program objectives are:

  1. Basic principles of: clinical leadership necessary for “change in practice”, including identification of your own strengths and weaknesses as leader and also your team members; which is related to support and further development of their strengths.
  2. Current approaches to the implementation of the best available evidence.
  3. Critique of the current implementation strategies.
  4. “Act as an agent for change”.
  5. Conduction of clinical audit.
  6. Creation and practical application of implementation strategies in healthcare.
  7. Practical creation of your own implementation project and preparation of its report for publication in The JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports“..
  8. Use of the clinical software PACES for clinical audit and GRiP process (“Getting Research into Practice” process).

This program is combination of theoretical session with practical parts allowing to in addition increase and train your knowledge and practical skills in searching of the best available evidence and publication skills.


Participants who complete EBCFP will be able to implement the best available evidence and thereby change the healthcare practice in their own workplace through processes of clinical leadership.


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Both programs are certified by the Joanna Briggs Institute which is the global leader in Evidence-Based Healthcare.


Joanna Briggs Systematic Review Training.